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impact of counterfeiting and Replica Watch Market

Rolex Replica Watches A model of fake watches is the most popular watches Rolex replica, the replica of the real Rolex watches are produced illegally. Like many other luxury brand in the market for expensive watches, Rolex watches are often counterfeited and sold illegally over the Internet and on the road. Fake Rolex watches are usually shown in countries like Taiwan, Korea, India and China (2004, statistics show that 54% of the confiscated counterfeits came from China) and can retail as low as $ 5 will be found and a maximum of $ 1,000 or more high quality replicas made from gold, although the majority of counterfeit Rolex watches use gold. Rolex replicas watches have become trade are ambitious, glossy brochures and catalogs produced, color fake watches in China and sold to retailers. It is estimated by the Swiss customs that are 40% of rolex replica from China, even though the forgeries are also done in other places, including the United States. In October 2006, police arrested a Florida woman who was operating a business shows that the forgery has won approximately $ 8,000,000 in sales. It is estimated that the cost for worldwide sales of fake Swiss watch manufacturers lost more than $ 600,000,000 per year in sales watches. Once these have been confiscated copy rolex watches, it is the duty of the Federal Customs Administration to destroy it. It is striking, are allowed a maximum among the people in Switzerland a fake Clock, have each person where the person who imports into the country.

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